Endoscopy Center

Medical Plaza Endoscopy Unit

1125 N. Porter Ave., Suite 304 | Norman, OK 73071 | 405-360-2799

Medical Plaza Endoscopy Unit, LLC, opened its doors in October 1993. Since its original opening, Medical Plaza Endoscopy Unit was purchased by the National Surgery Center, sold a second time and purchased by Healthsouth. In June 2007, Healthsouth sold the surgery division to Surgical Care Affiliates. Medical Plaza Endoscopy Unit was sold for the last time in December 2010 to Dr. Philip Bird and Dr. Steve Arora.

Patient Survey Commentary

“Thank you for a great experience.”
“All nursing staff people were great and respectful.”
“No pain. Everyone was great!”
“I will definitely recommend Dr. Black and the clinic.”
“Entire staff was very efficient and pleasant. I think I was given extremely good care. Thank you!”
“I was treated with respect and cared by everyone and they were friendly.”
“Very nice facility — excellent nurse!”
“I was very nervous about the whole procedure, but was put at ease once I got there.”
“Never experienced any pain or discomfort. All in all a very pleasant experience.”

West Norman Endoscopy Center

3101 W. Tecumseh Rd., Suite 100 | Norman, OK 73072 | 405-364-5900

West Norman Endoscopy Center opened in June 2008 after the addition of two physicians: Dr. Chintan Parikh and Dr. Andrew Black. West Norman Endoscopy Center is a state and Medicare licensed ambulatory surgical center. It is accredited through the Accreditation Association of Ambulatory Health Care. West Norman Endoscopy Center is providing the very best medical care for our patients through the combination of state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained and caring staff.

Patient Survey Commentary

“My anesthesiologist and nurse were the best I’ve had in any of these procedures.”
“Dr. Arora is a wonderful doctor.”
“Thanks for all the quality care.”
“Everyone is very professional.”
“Everything that was important to me was excellent.”
“Thank you all for caring and for your patience. God bless you!”
“Everyone was very nice. Thank you!”
“Thank you very much for all of your kind and great service.”
“All went well. Staff was courteous and efficient.”
“The nurses are very knowledgeable in their job. Very nice, friendly and kind.”

Mission Statement

We Believe:

That this medical practice has an obligation to be successful; that to be successful, the practice must be a reliable provider of medical services and it must be cost effective; that success requires integrity, clarity of purpose, and knowledge that the practice is honorable and provides beneficial services to patients; that this medical practice has an obligation to positively contribute to the community and society and therefore offer its services to the doctors and patients of Norman, Oklahoma, and surrounding areas regardless of race, color, religion, creed, age, sex, national origin, or ancestry.

Our Patients have the Right to Expect:

Quality services at a fair price; the full, prompt and courteous attention of our staff; integrity and strict adherence to the highest medical ethics.

Our Employees have the Right to Expect:

Adequate compensation, fair treatment, and a safe work place; a work environment free from prejudice, bias, and harassment; opportunities, through training and advancement, consistent with ability and available openings; prompt, accurate information about policies, plans, projects and events effecting their employment and the future of the practice.

The Practice has the Right to Expect:

The opportunity to earn a fair return for its risk; to bear its fair share of the cost of society, no more, no less; the same integrity in its dealings with others as it demands on itself.

Please read the following pages, print our Patient Attestation form, fill it out and bring it with you to your first appointment with our Endoscopy Center.

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